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(all ensembles)

It is expected that members of the Nextgen Youth Music program actively participate in their school ensemble, assuming that they have a school ensemble experience available to them. The Nextgen Youth Music program is not designed as a replacement or substitute for the student’s school music program, but rather as an enhancement of the school music program. Nextgen seeks to work in partnership with the music educators in the region, and this expectation is an important part of that relationship. In this way Nextgen participants are better equipped to be musical leaders in their school’s musical life. Where extenuating circumstances prevent the student from being an active participant in their school's ensemble, a written letter of permission to Nextgen must be obtained from the student’s school band or orchestra director. In the event that a student and their school director are not able to resolve this issue, Nextgen should be contacted, and an official appeal needs to be submitted. The matter will be addressed by directors and administration of Nextgen on an individual basis.


(all ensembles)

Allegro Nextgen expects you to be a member in good standing of your school orchestra unless unique circumstances prevent you from doing so. In such cases, communication with the school director can generally result in a reconciliation of the issue. Reconciliation could be the school director providing written support for your membership in Nextgen, or finding some other acceptable solution for your participation.


If you have communicated with your school director and could not reach such a resolution, you may appeal in writing to Allegro Nextgen for acceptance into the group. The appeal should be submitted to the Nextgen Director via email and should fully answer the following questions:


  1. Why are you not participating in your school ensemble in the coming school year or semester? Indicate the exact time frame you will be absent from your school ensemble.

  2. When did you or your parents have a dialogue with your school director or administrator regarding your participation? What was the response?

  3. If you are not a senior, do you intend to return to your school ensemble in the subsequent year or semester?

  4. Is there anything else the Nextgen committee needs to know about your appeal?


Once you have submitted your letter of appeal, Nextgen will take the following steps:


  1. Within one week, a committee will be formed by the Nextgen coordinator to review the appeal. The committee will consist of the Nextgen Artistic Director, the Nextgen Director, a Nextgen ensemble director who is also a school director (unaffiliated with the appellant’s school), and the president of the board of directors of the Allegro Orchestra of Lancaster.

  2. The Nextgen Director will make contact with the school director or administrator to confirm the details of the appeal.

  3. The committee will meet to review the appeal. A decision to support or deny the appeal will be made based on the validity of the appeal, the intent of the student, the intent of the school director, and what is considered the best interest of all parties.

  4. A decision will be made within one week of the meeting, concluding the process within two weeks.

  5. The decision of the committee is final.


Overture & Allegretto Attendance

Given the short rehearsal process attendance for all rehearsals is mandatory. The only acceptable excused absences are illness, family emergency, or school performance conflicts.

     • All students and parents must download/signup for the Remind App to receive official communication regarding rehearsals, concerts and scheduling.

     • Unexcused absences are not acceptable and may be grounds for removal from the orchestra.

     • 1 excused absence (conflict, illness or family emergency, etc.) is allowed per concert rehearsal series, but must be reported to the program director and ensemble conductor by email or Remind app message at least 24 hours prior to the missed rehearsal, unless in case of emergency. 

     • All known rehearsal conflicts must be reported at least 1 month prior to the first rehearsal of the series.

​     • If a performer misses more than one rehearsal in preparation for a concert for any reason, NextGEN reserves the right to replace that performer for the remainder of the rehearsals and subsequent concert.  

     • Performers are expected to review their personal schedules carefully to avoid conflicts. If a performer is aware that they would miss more than the allotted single excused absence, it is expected that they will alert NextGEN prior to the start of rehearsals by at least one month.

     • Failure to alert NextGEN of known conflicts can result in the performer being permanently removed from the orchestra.

     • Performers are expected to arrive at least 10 minutes prior rehearsal.  Two late arrivals will be considered equal to one absence.

Prelude and Intermezzo and Intermezzo Attendance

Parents should make every effort to assure that their student attends all rehearsals. A lot of progress happens in each rehearsal, and one missing student affects the entire group.

     • Legitimate excuses for missing rehearsal schedule such as illness, school performance conflicts, and family emergencies, will be approved at the discretion of the director.

     • Any known conflicts should be communicated to the ensemble director and program director at least one month prior to the absence. 

     • Unexcused absences are not acceptable and may be grounds for removal from the orchestra.


In the event of inclement weather, students and parents will be notified of any changes to rehearsals as early as possible. Families should monitor their email and the Nextgen Facebook page for notifications regarding weather. Nextgen will send a message via email, and post any rehearsal changes on the Nextgen Facebook page. 


Students involved in the Allegretto and Overture winter concert should take note of the planned make-up date for the concert in case of inclement weather. 


 • All concerts at the Ware Center are open (general) seating

 • Each student receives two complimentary tickets. To collect these tickets, parents should give the student's name at the ticket desk

 • All children under 18 can attend Nextgen concerts for free

  • All private teachers (based on information collected from enrolled students) will receive one complimentary ticket. To collect this ticket, the teacher should give their name at the ticket desk.

 • Any additional adult tickets cost $10/ticket


Overture & Allegretto Concert Attire

All black for everyone.  Black shirt or top, and black bottom, pants, skirt or dress.  If skirt or dress, knee length when seated.  Black shoes and black socks if appropriate.

Prelude and Intermezzo and Intermezzo Concert Attire

Students in Prelude, Intermezzo Strings and Intermezzo Winds should be prepared to wear all black or black bottoms and a provided Nextgen t-shirt for their performances.

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