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Intermezzo Winds

Grades 5-8

Intermezzo Winds is a wind, brass and percussion ensemble for students in grades five through eight. There is no audition to join Intermezzo Winds, only a teacher recommendation is required. This group aims to help young wind students become independent players who are ready to perform in a full orchestra setting. Intermezzo Winds rehearses, on average, twice a month between October and their performance at the end of April.

Full season tuition: $225 (A sibling discount is available for the second sibling to register in a family)

2024-25 Schedule Coming Soon!
Intermezzo Winds Expectations
  • ​Read and perform basic rhythms (whole, half, quarter, eighths, sixteenth) AND dotted rhythms at a proficient level.

  • A developing level of understanding of 2/2 (Cut Time) and 6/8 time signatures

  • Perform the concert Bb, Eb, and F scales at a developing level

  • Percussion

    • A developing understanding of rudiments including (but not limited to) flams, drags (ruffs), flam/drag taps, paradiddles, rolls (5, 7, 9, 13 stroke and closed)

    • A developing understanding of proper technique for auxiliary percussion including but not limited to triangle, tambourine, claves, castanets, crash cymbals, suspended cymbals

    • An introductory understanding of timpani tuning and technique

    • A developing understanding of reading pitches and proper technique for performance on pitches percussion instruments such as xylophone and glockenspiel

Level Definitions
  • Introductory- The student has a vague understanding of the concept and will generally NOT perform the specific technique correctly when sight-reading. Additional instruction, practice, and much more exposure to the concept is required before mastery can be achieved. 


  • Developing - The student has a fair to good understanding of the concept, but when sight reading, may stumble when attempting to use the specific technique. Some guidance and practice is necessary in order to achieve mastery.​

  • Proficient - The student has a complete and thorough understanding of the concept and will generally perform the technique correctly and accurately when sight-reading. Little or no additional practice is required for mastery. 

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